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This magnificent plant has never ceased being among the most popular and grew strains of the last years. Its unforgettable aroma and flavour have made it a variety unchanged over time.

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Widow grows like an Indica, does not become a tall plant, but develops lateral branches almost equal to the central stem, making a fir-like structure. Its flowers grow fat to form a core set with a length between 30 and 50 cm.
Widow will surprise you with its smooth wine flavour with touches of sweet and wood, a delicatessen on the palate. This great producer rewards us with a considerable harvest with HPS lights. Outdoor growers are advised to take preventive measures regarding botrytis, because at the end of flowering, the buds take a cork type consistency, very desirable for fungi.

Indoor Flowering: 8 weeks.
Outdoor Harvest: Mid to late September.
Production: High.
Genotype: Stabilized Hybrid.
Phenotype: Indica-Sativa.
Effect: Balancing physical and mental.
Aroma: Citrus, wood accents.
Taste: Citrus, sweet.

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