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Critical surprised us because of its mixed phenotype. Fast flowering and compact buds like an Indica and a creative effect like a Sativa, that helps us do our favourite activities.

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Besides being very good producer, the fact that brought fame to this strain was its pleasant taste to the palate: fruity, like lemon and orange… there are many flavours that we can remember.
Critical has an excellent response at the beginning of the flowering period; it continues increasing in size during the first two weeks at twelve hours, developing long and thick branches in accordance to the weight of the flowers they produce. In its final stage, they fatten very quickly until they get to a size rarely seen in other species. It is the best commercial strain.
Indoor Flowering: 7-8 weeks.
Outdoor Harvest: Mid-September.
Production: Very high.
Genotype: Indica 50% – Sativa 50%.
Phenotype: Sativa growth. Indica flowering.
Effect: Powerful, cerebral and medicinal when over mature.
Aroma: Floral, sweet.
Taste: Smooth, vanilla and spices.

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90% Indica


Very High


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