This is Indica strain is well known for being a producer of compact and heavy buds; it gives the biggest yields. It was awarded in the second Valencia cannabis cup, organized by La Barraca de Maria in 2004.

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Domina was stabilized after several generations, and produces nearly identical copies between them. It has a medium height, with a single central bud, and requires an appropriate growth period to achieve maximum production. It has all the characteristics of the Indica, like its dark green large leaves. This is a great choice for the Sea Of Green crops technique, requiring a density of 25 plants per square meter to get the maximum production. In terms of its effect, we can assure that it will not leave you indifferent; it is totally relaxing and medicinal.

Indoor Flowering: 7-8 weeks.
Outdoor Harvest: Mid-September.
Production: Very high.
Genotype: 90% Indica.
Phenotype: Indica.
Effect: Very strong. Medicinal relax.
Aroma: Several flower nuances.
Taste: Strong, Eucalyptus orange.

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7-8 weeks


Mid September


Very High


Strong / Medicinal / Relaxing


Several floral nuances


Strong / Eucalyptus / Orange


1 Seed, 10 Seeds, 3 Seeds, 6 Seeds


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