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While we were developing our project, which was aimed at collectors and recreational users at first, we realized we were leaving out an important sector of the cannabis world society. This sector is the one that needs it most as it uses the plant to alleviate the health problems. This fact, needs a specific product, with a previous cannabinoid analysis. Despite all our genetics already had CBD content, we have enhanced this feature to get a line that fits the needs of these special customers.

CBD: cannabidiol. It is synthesized from Cannabigerol molecules. CBD appears in some Hash plant strains and also in high-quality hashish, now some seed banks are looking for CBD contents. It is THC antagonist reducing its psycho activity. The balance on the psychoactive effects of THC may be the reason why many patients prefer marijuana to some drugs as Sativex. It is responsible for the hash type highs, more sedative than psychoactive.

Effects: The CBD acts as a neuron protector and antioxidant. Recently scientists discovered that stimulates VR1 pain receptors, and changes the transmission of anandamina. These new findings have important implications in the elucidation of the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immune modulator properties of CBD.


This crossing has really sedative properties. At first it was necessary to work very carefully to pollinate a female from the White Family with a penurious Critical male, which transmits extraordinary properties to its offspring. The result is an outstanding plant with a fruity taste and a strong sweet aroma. It has nothing to envy to any of the award-winning Critical strains in the market. It is the evolution we’ve been waiting for.

Magma is easy to grow, and it is not common to over fertilize it, because the diverse genetic load results in a spectacular hybrid vigour. We believe that is ideal for those who are beginners in this art. Concerning the buds, we can ensure that the form (winding) and quantity (large amounts) of the pistils will make you remember its Critical ancestries.

Indoor Flowering: 8 weeks.

Production: Very high.

Genotype: Critical x (Widow x Skunk).

Phenotype: Indica, forming only one central bud.

Effect: Strongly sedative.

Aroma: Sweet.

Flavour: Strong citrus.

One To One

Variety developed specifically for the medical user. Its level of cannabinoids is very balanced; the plant produces the same amount of THC and CBD, regardless of the total percentage of both. This gives a wholly therapeutic strain, as the psychoactive effects of THC are attenuated by the same content in CBD.

In CBD Seeds we carefully follow the latest medical and scientific studies about cannabis, which is why we focus our projects in developing specific products like this one. Recent advances concerning the study of genes responsible for synthesis plant cannabinoids have to elucidate which crossbreeds and hybrids produce a particular chemo type.

Indoor Flowering: 8 weeks.

Production: High.

Genotype: QM x BB.

Phenotype: Indica/Sativa hybrid.

Effect: Equilibred, positive.

Vanilla Haze

This strain is really stimulating and has high antidepressant value. The effect of Vanilla Haze awakes the senses without causing an excessive buzz to those who are not used to Sativa. It is suitable for all those who want a little boost in their daily activities. We apologize for not revealing the parental that permitted this rareness, but as its name suggests, the Haze genes have a basic role in its origin.

The vanilla flavour and the aroma of different spices will surprise any sybarite of sensations. There are reminiscent of lemon, pepper, even metallic touches at the taste. Certainly, it is worth waiting the 11 weeks it needs to bloom under 12 hours light cycle, to let express its full potential.

Indoor Flowering: 10 weeks.

Production: High.

Genotype: Mainly Sativa.

Phenotype: Sativa.

Effect: Exciting.

Aroma: Spicy, like haze.

Flavour: Soft, vanilla and lemon.


Certainly, Zen is the best option for those who want to awaken appetite, and this feature is not casual. We wondered what would be the result of crossing two of our favourite gene in that area, and we got the crossing directly from one of the best breeders. The result, after several trials to stabilize the most interesting phenotype, is an explosion of multiple aromas that lets many people confused when first tested. This is because Zen produces many of the sensations once were found in the most famous strains. It requires a little more care than other strains that can be more suitable for beginners, but is a small effort that is pleasantly rewarded. Get ready to dive into a sea of sensations that includes: tangerine and mint flavours, lavender scents and grapefruits. Are you going to wait until somebody tells you?

Indoor Flowering: 8 weeks.

Production: Medium-High.

Genotype: (Mexican x Afghani) x Lavender.

Phenotype: Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Effect: Balanced, positive.

Aroma: Grapefruit, herbal.

Flavour: Strong, citrus.

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