Autoflowering Collection

To satisfy the increasing demand for auto flowering strains, especially from European customers, we decided to cross our best mothers with first-line Ruderalis plants to achieve a unique product. Many customers, when testing the final product doubted that they were auto flowering. The resin layer that covers them and their powerful taste and Aroma has nothing to envy the new generation hybrids on the market. We firmly believe in our work, so we put at your disposal only the truly exceptional varieties that will be able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Auto Critical

Critical surprised because of its phenotype mix, a short flowering Indica with compact fruiting and a Sativa effect, creative, cerebral, that helps us to do our favourite activities. Besides being very good in production, what brought the fame to this strain was the pleasant flavour to the palate: fruity, lemon and orange. It can remind us to many flavours. Auto Critical retains all these features and expresses them in a surprising short time. It’s a good choice for any time of year.

Genotype: 90% Critical – 10% Ruderalis.

Harvest: 9 weeks.

Production: 80/40 g.

Auto Diesel

Under our criteria the only automatic with truly Diesel character, after comparing the results obtained by other banks. Well its green this strain has a citrus aroma mixed with an unmistakable aroma of fuel, which gives the name to this strain. The leaves are short and wide, despite having an effect closer to the Indica than to the Sativa. All the plants are very similar, which makes it an excellent choice for Sea Of Green crops. Its flowers and leaves become gold and purple at the end of the flowering cycle, which is a delight to behold.

Genotype: 90% NYD – 10% Ruderalis.

Harvest: 10 weeks.

Production: 60/35 g.

Auto Lavender

This is our favourite auto flowering strain. Its mother is a tall plant with vigorous growth, large branches and stems, characterized by producing a central bud of 20 to 30 cm with not many branches. Its flowers turn golden, orange and amber as they mature. At the beginning of blooming you can see a thick layer of resin flooding leaves and stems. The automatic version has inherited this structure, as well as taste and aroma, the powerful aroma and flavour of Auto Lavender will remind you to that popular fragrance with the addition to other herbs like mint and rosemary.

Genotype: 80% Lavender – 20% Ruderalis.

Harvest: 10 weeks.

Production: 60/35 g.

Auto Northern

Northern was born from a cross of an Indica landrace and Sativa from Thailand in Seattle for over 25 years. The result is a superb genetic, winner of several awards. It always surprises when you test it for the first time. CBD Seeds obtained an auto flowering strain stabilized after several crossings with an auto flowering mother. It grows with a single central bud and dark green leaves. Now you can enjoy the original taste of Northern at any time of year.

Genotype: 90% Northern – 10% Ruderalis.

Harvest: 9 weeks.

Production: 75/40 g.

Auto Widow

This was our first automatic strain. As a result of crossing two of the best Ruderalis plants, we looked for a strain that would give the taste and aroma characteristics, which in our point of view, were missing. This objective was accomplished with Widow, producer of heavy and fragrant flowers, with also a relatively short flowering period. This strain does not usually branch much grew indoor; it forms a central bud of 25/40 cm. completely covered with crystals. Its strong effect brings to our palate, sweet tastes of wood, pine and liquorice.

Genotype: 75% W. Widow – 25% Ruderalis.

Harvest: 10 weeks.

Production: 45/25 g.

Auto Yumbolt

The parental of this auto flowering strain (Yumbolt) was a landrace from Afghanistan and was naturalized in the mountains of Humboldt County (California) for over thirty years. It’s a genetic kept unchanged for a long time. The other parental is a Low Ryder strain, selected because of its resin production and aroma. This auto flowers get all the plant filled with buds that become dense clusters of flowers covered with resin that come from the side branches to the central bud.

Genotype: 80% Yumbolt – 20% Ruderalis.

Harvest: 9-10 weeks.

Production: 45/25 g.

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