About us

CBD Seeds was born with the aim of offering classic varieties in an original version. After meeting professionals with extensive experience in the breeding sector from all over the world, we obtain feminized seeds of top quality varieties and crosses. We decided to start a new project, incorporating technicians, graphic designers and webmasters to our team. The goal is to become a benchmark bank in terms of product quality, design, and technical and after-sales service. The first part of our work was to get a line of classic genetics. We have had access to the first genetics, those that made legend years ago. We have packaged those phenotypes that unequivocally express the character of these varieties. If you are a fan of old school flavors and aromas, get ready for an exceptional encounter and let yourself be intoxicated by these unique jewels. Once the classic line was developed, the next step was clear. When analyzing the situation of the sector at European level, we note the strong demand for autoflowering varieties. With which we decided to carry out the arduous task of obtaining all our varieties in an automatic version, searching in different geographical locations. We achieved a totally revolutionary line of automatic machines, since until then no bank had been able to offer such special varieties. We are very proud of our autoflowering collection, as well as our clients, who encourage us to continue with this task, which, although laborious, is rewarded when we see the final result. At CBD Seeds, all seeds undergo an exhaustive quality control before being packed in the test tubes. The containers have a gasket-cap that prevents the entry of environmental humidity. Those immature seeds (with grayish colors) and those without brindle (outer cover) are discarded. These requirements are essential to offer a top quality product. We remind all friends and customers that they are seeds dedicated to collecting, because their germination is prohibited.

CBD Seeds. 100% feminized quality seeds

The quality policy we follow in our bank is very strict. We only pack those seeds that have completed their maturation process and have passed there latency period. They stay at least two months in a refrigerator to simulate winter, so their viability is maximized.


You will not find any immature seed in our blisters because in the packaging process we discard those which are not totally covered as well as the grey ones. Although some of these seeds are fully viable, we do not sell them, as we can’t assure them totally. If during the process there is any doubt about the seed’s strain, it is discarded and becomes part of our gift packages (free packs). Unlike other banks, we do not sell mix seeds without specifying the strain; we prefer making gifts to our customers.


The packaging is done in humidity controlled rooms, so the air remaining inside the tubes does not undermine the viability of the seeds. These containers have a high mechanical resistance to shocks that may occur during transport. Once ready, the blisters are kept in a refrigerator at a temperature of 5° C until they are marketed. This process ensures the germination of the seeds, although these are only for collection use. We also ensure that our suppliers follow this procedure in order to offer the best guarantee.


Our blisters only contain images that subtly refer to different strains; in no case there are explicit pictures of plants. This makes the products very discrete, without inciting consumption or cultivation of cannabis. They are collection seeds, without references to cannabis, so its ownership should never annoy to the competent authority.


The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, signed in New York on March 30 and modified by the Geneva Protocol of March 25, 1972, ratified by the Spanish State, includes in Lists I and IV of drugs subject to international control the cannabis, its resin, its extracts and its tinctures. In the Spanish State, cannabis seeds are not classified as narcotic substances and their possession, sale and trafficking are not acts constituting a crime, they are not regulated by Law. It is the duty of users to know the laws in force in their countries . CBD Seeds only sells cannabis seeds for collecting. Misuse of these seeds can lead to conflicts with current legislation in importing countries. We do not want to induce anyone to act against the Law. We do not accept responsibility derived from the misuse made with the seeds that it commercializes, or a use different from that established in its sale.