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What is CBD?

CBD: Cannabidiol (C21H30O2)

It is synthesized from Cannabigerol molecules. CBD appears in some Hash plant strains and also in high-quality hashish, now some seed banks are looking for CBD contents. It is THC antagonist reducing its psycho activity. The balance on the psychoactive effects of THC may be the reason why many patients prefer marijuana to some drugs as Sativex. It is responsible for the hash type highs, more sedative than psychoactive.

Effects: The CBD acts as a neuron protector and antioxidant. Recently scientists discovered that stimulates VR1 pain receptors, and changes the transmission of anandamina. These new findings have important implications in the elucidation of the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immune modulator properties of CBD.

Feel Balanced




According to the presence (or absence) and the percentage of these cannabinoids in a sample, the effects can be predicted in some aspects. This fact led to a classification of the varieties in the so-called chemo types, a cannabis classification system based on the chemical content.


Discover our THC-FREE varieties, known on the whole european region. This kind of plants are considered as Hemp plants because they contain less than 0.1% THC.
The only issue with this varieties is that they come in a handfull and male/female seeds are mixed, thah’s why we manually breeded them to create a specific 100% female seed harvest, offering the biggest of comodities to our customers.